Health Region Baltic Sea Coast

Due to its specific structure the Health region Baltic Sea coast is especially qualified for exemplary implementing an area-wide regional management of multi-resistant bacteria (MRB). It encompasses the sphere of influence of the university hospitals Greifswald and Rostock – the cities Greifswald, Rostock, Stralsund and the administrative districts (as of before the 2011 district reform) Bad Doberan, Nordvorpommern, Ostvorpommern, Rügen, and Uecker-Randow – accounting for about 43 percent of the total population of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The special demographic conditions in the region – rural structure, strong seasonal increase in population due to tourism, large share of elderly population – make it a challenging model area. On the other hand the responsible parties in health economy, politics, and research have accumulated know-how unrivaled throughout Germany.
However, from the beginning all developments will be designed for a nation-wide implementation rather than regionally focused.

  • Greifswald

  • Rostock

  • Stralsund

Administrative districts
(district boundaries represent the status before the 2011 district reform)
  • Bad Doberan

  • Nordvorpommern

  • Ostvorpommern

  • Rügen

  • Uecker-Randow
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