Baltic Amber - (Baltic alliance against multi-resistant bacteria)
Project phase 2 - INTRAIM

Based on the activities of project phase 1 (April 2011 to November 2012) the second Baltic Amber project phase was launched in the end of 2013. It aims at improving the treatment of implant-associated infections in orthopedic surgery - Baltic Amber INTRAIM – Innovative treatment using antimicrobially equipped implants. Amongst others an EU proposal is planned for an international multi-center study.

For additional project information please refer to the » project leaflet.

Working plan
Project work will be done mainly by exchange and discussion of work papers. The process is coordinated by the HICARE project office located at the Greifswald office of project partner BioCon Valley®.

In addition, three workshops are planned for direct exchange between partners:
  • February 21-22, 2014, Lund

  • June 2014

  • September 2014

Exact dates and locations of the workshops will be announced in advance.
Project partners
Three partners are currently cooperation in the Baltic amber project:

Additional interested parties are welcome.

Further support is provided by the international bureau of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Reseach.
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